Caterham Seven Coming to the US

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Caterham Cars has confirmed that variants of its Caterham Seven will be heading to the U.S.

The vehicles will be exported from the British automaker’s factory in England partially completed to Superformance’s warehouse in Irvine, California. From there, Superformance will either distribute the vehicles as a rolling chassis through its nationwide dealer network or select dealers will be able to request for complete assembly at an extra cost.

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Though the British automaker didn’t announce which variants will be heading to America, Superformance confirmed that the Seven 480 and the Seven 620R will be part of the lineup. The 620R is powered by a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine with 310 hp and 219 lb-ft of torque.

“The US market has always been a difficult one for us, thanks to the stringent federal homologation rules but we know there is an appetite for our particular brand of lightweight and performance. Signing a new official distributor in the form of Superformance in America is a natural extension of how our brand is expanding, rapidly, across the globe,” said Caterham CEO Graham Macdonald in a released statement.

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Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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