Dodge Avenger Finally Dies

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Dodge is discontinuing the Avenger, making way for the new Chrysler 200 to be the lone midsize sedan for the Chrysler group.

According to The Truth About Cars, sales of the Avenger will finish before the end of the 2014. Chrysler has previously said that it it wants to move away from having sister vehicles at more than one brand to reduce model overlap, and now that the 200 has been refreshed, it’s time for the Avenger to go.

“There is not an Avenger version of the new 200 planned,” confirms Kathy Graham, product PR manager for the Chrysler Group. “The 2014 MY (model year) Dodge Avenger started production in July, 2013 and is scheduled to end in Q1 2014,” she said.

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Getting rid of the Avenger will also clear the way for the Dart, as sales of the compact Dodge have not been all that strong. One of the reasons for this is the great financing deals being given on the Avenger, providing an easy upsell for dealers as customers get more car for the same, or less money.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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  • Nita S Nita S on Aug 14, 2015

    who care's i love my car..... and the 200 will be next thats for sure..

  • Joe Joe on Mar 08, 2023

    To the guy in his 14 Avenger I'm glad it's cool and you like the car myself I happen to get a pretty decent deal on a 2010 Avenger in and very good shape and it's been a decent bigger size car with decent gas mileage especially on the highway when I brought it home from where I picked it up an hour away and had another trip back there I swear I got 37 MPG it runs down the road a very comfortable ride and a few options in my opinion with the four cylinder the only thing I would have really liked would have been a standard transmission as a this little four-cylinder could really have some balls with without the auto but it does okay. Secondly about your comment about the Dodge Darts the slant 6 was the most dependable hard to kill engines you'd ever have and back at that time Dodge had a name worth buying especially used bought mine used from a neighbor who couldn't figure out that it needed a new condenser for the points after getting it back on the road and running it for a little bit it's smooth out and I put a little bit of work into it with the swinger interior having a aluminum steering wheel with wood cladding it was a pretty nice car before it had seen it's better day before me you just can't get quality like that no matter what car company you buy from and the funny part is after that in the no style Volare exterior it was still an overall good for your money dependable car there too