Top 10 Concept Cars of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

1. Toyota FT1 Concept

If there was anyone out there still convinced that all Toyota cars are boring appliances, the FT1 concept will knock that thought right out of their minds. Easily the most radical looking sports car concept at the 2014 Detroit show, the FT1 concept previews what we are likely to see when Toyota rolls out a successor to the Supra.

The only powertrain details that Toyota would give up let us know that there will be an internal combustion engine under the hood. Unfortunately, that is all the automaker is prepared to say at this time.

They did however reveal some other interesting details, like the use of a retractable rear wing on the back of the car. Aerodynamics are also an important factor on the FT 1, and Toyota says that airflow has been optimized around the car while at race track speeds.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept Live Photos