10 Awesome Toyota GT 86s From the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

If you thought the hype in Japan around the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ would die any time soon, think again. This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon continued to be packed with both makes, as the Japanese aftermarket continues to embrace the platform.

It’s difficult to narrow down so many top-notch cars, but here’s AutoGuide.com‘s Top 10 List of awesome GT 86s from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

Who doesn’t like a Toyota GT 86 built for the track? The Rasty demo car embraces the Japanese aftermarket with a set of 18-inch Volk Racing TE-37SL wheels, Endless brakes and go-fast goods from HKS, A’PEXi, Tomei and SARD. And in case the aggressive front diffuser didn’t hint that this a track-ready machine, certainly the intercooler teases that there’s plenty more under the hood.

The GRMN 86 Concept takes all the experience Gazoo Racing has learned on the track from its Nurburgring 24 Hour race cars and applies it to a street-ready model. Sporting carbon fiber exterior accessories, beefier brakes and a clean set of wheels, the GRMN 86 Concept is a realistic project that anyone could build, enhancing the performance of their 86 for both on and off the track.

It might seem like the Rocket Bunny body kit is old news these days, especially the first version, but the color combination on this project makes for a clean result. The Advan RS wheels in a subtle blue complements the blueish grey exterior perfectly, and the absence of any decals makes it one of our favorite GT 86s at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon despite not being overwhelmingly modified.

Speaking of the Rocket Bunny version 1 body kit, GReddy brought back its project this year and it’s still one of the cleanest track cars we’ve seen built to this date. One of the first aftermarket Japanese tuners to jump on the platform, GReddy has continued to embrace the GT 86 helping make the Rocket Bunny kit popular in addition to offering enthusiasts a reliable turbo kit.

Here’s some more context about how popular the GT86 is to tune in Japan. Kuhl is an aftermarket tuner in Japan that specializes in hybrids, more specifically, the Toyota Prius. But even Kuhl couldn’t ignore the popularity of the car, developing its own body kit and demo car for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. While its aggressive style might not fit everyone’s needs, its the 3D custom paint applied by Artis company’s Takahiko Izawa that helps it stand out from the crowd.

For decades, JUN has been a staple in the Japanese tuning community, developing some of the world’s most impressive and fastest race cars. It’s addition to the Top 10 list is more of an acknowledgement to its past successes, and we can’t wait to see how this Subaru BRZ does on the track. Sporting JUN’s infamous yellow paint, the BRZ features black and carbon fiber contrasting elements for a true race-inspired look.

Just like JUN, the presence of Blitz at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon paired with the GT 86 proves the platform is here to stay and there are even more exciting goods to come. Considering many owners wish the car came from the factory with more power, so it’s no surprise that aftermarket tuners have turned to forced induction like the Vortech Supercharger found under the hood of the Blitz GT 86.

Contrasting the first GReddy 86 seen on this list is the company’s newest project, sporting the second version of the Rocket Bunny kit. Finished in a baby blue shade that is synonymous with the GReddy / TRUST brand, an aggressive set of Work Wheels VS-XX adorn each corner sporting a step-lip setup. It appears that LB Performance, more well known for its Liberty Walk projects, has also become interested in the sports car from Toyota and Subaru.

Aimgain, which is best known for its luxury styling kits for various Lexus vehicles, also manufacture body kits for various other Toyota models. But given its love for the Lexus brand, Aimgain always finds a way to incorporate a design element from Toyota’s luxury arm into non-Toyota vehicles. Its body kit for the Prius for example, utilizes the exhaust finishers found on the Lexus LS platform. This time around, the Aimgain LF-Sport Toyota 86 got a bit of the Lexus Spindle Grille treatment on its front end and surprisingly, it works well on the sports car.

Our favorite 86 project from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon comes fro none other than Weld Japan. Weld is most known for its custom fabrication skills in Japan and this 86 is a testament to just how well done the company’s work is. Sporting a wide set of 19-inch Work Wheels XSA 04C on each corner, the custom wide body flows extremely well with the body of the 86, but it’s what the company did under the hood that is overly impressive.

At first glance, you might not even recognize that the motor under the hood is indeed the factory four-cylinder. With an individual throttle body setup, this naturally aspirated powerplant probably makes the car sound as mean as it looks. It’s also tough to find an engine bay as clean as this one, anywhere.

Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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