10 Awesome Toyota GT 86s from the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

1. Weld Toyota 86

Our favorite 86 project from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon comes fro none other than Weld Japan. Weld is most known for its custom fabrication skills in Japan and this 86 is a testament to just how well done the company’s work is. Sporting a wide set of 19-inch Work Wheels XSA 04C on each corner, the custom wide body flows extremely well with the body of the 86, but it’s what the company did under the hood that is overly impressive.

At first glance, you might not even recognize that the motor under the hood is indeed the factory four-cylinder. With an individual throttle body setup, this naturally aspirated powerplant probably makes the car sound as mean as it looks. It’s also tough to find an engine bay as clean as this one, anywhere.