Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Ford Fiesta Five-Door SE

Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Ford Fiesta Five-Door SE

4. The Drive

Despite its economical origins the Fiesta delivers a surprisingly sporty on-road experience. The steering feel is nicely weighted with good feedback, though the ratio seems a bit quick, giving the car a nervous demeanor, especially on the highway.

The Fiesta SE rides on inoffensive-looking 15-inch alloy wheels that are wrapped in buzz-killing all-season tires. Fortunately, the rubber provided excellent traction in snow, ice and cold weather; there was zero slipping and sliding to report.

The Fiesta’s ride is unexpectedly stiff for a base car. It lets you know there are bumps in the road, and in Michigan our thoroughfares are riddled with ruts and potholes so there’s a lot going on when you take it for a spin. Of course that rough ride pays dividends in the form of impressive handling.

While far from fast, this car’s pint-sized engine (technically 3.38 pints) provides more than adequate acceleration in almost every driving situation. She likes to rev but provides pretty decent torque even down low. Remember, the engine only displaces 1.6-liters.

There’s little to complain about inside the Fiesta. The cabin is well built and constructed of high-quality materials, it’s got a really nice sound system and the design of the windows provides good all-around outward visibility. It even comes with heated front seats and do they get HOT!

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