Land Rover Targets Volume Growth With New Compact SUV

Land Rover Targets Volume Growth With New Compact SUV

With record sales in 2013, Land Rover will continue its rapid growth through the addition of all new models, targeting a key segment of the market its currently not competing in hints North American VP Kim McCullough.

Speaking to McCullough comments that, “As you’d expect, we’re constantly looking at the market and asking ’where is that white space.” The answer, she indicates, is compact SUVs.

For Land Rover’s next move, look for smaller and more affordable products. “There’s still room for growth from an entry standpoint and a volume standpoint,” she continues.

The luxury SUV brand saw the light when it launched its Evoque crossover, which won numerous accolades including the 2012 North American Truck of the Year and has been a sales leader for the brand since its debut.

Staying true to the brand image, admits McCullough, is the challenge; and something many criticized Land Rover for abandoning with the Evoque. “It’s important for us to be true to who we are,” she says. “At the end of the day our most valuable asset is our brand.”

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The product that will do this is, presumably, a production version of the DC100 concept (above). While it may look suited to crossing the desert or climbing a mountain, if Land Rover is looking to move serious volumes it will be street-friendly and reasonably affordable.

That may allow the LR2 model to further explore its more rugged side. Updated last year to include a new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, it still stands out as one of the most stale products competing for dollars in the compact luxury SUV segment. That said, it could also become redundant.

Last rumored to be called the Landy when it heads into production, the DC100 name implies that it’s a “Defender Concept” and could bring back the Defender badge to North America, which was last seen on our shires in 1997.

As for the open-top DC100 Sport concept, it’s a strong hint at just how much more lifestyle focused the DC100 could be. Still, there’s no guarantee that it will see production, especially with McCullough confirming the Evoque Convertible is still being studied for production.

GALLERY: Land Rover DC100 Concept


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