Audi 4G LTE Data Plan Pricing Announced

Audi announced today that its in-car 4G LTE service will be offered at two price points.

The company is working with AT&T to provide the service and plans to charge $100 for a 5 gigabyte package that lasts six months or $500 for a 30 gigabyte plan that lasts for 30 months (two and a half years). The 2015 A3 will be the first Audi vehicle offered with the service.

That plan will be additional to mobile data plans that A3 owners already have. AT&T customers who already have a data plan associated with their phone can also choose to add their car to that plan rather than buying a separate package. All 2015 A3 models will be sold with the latest version Audi connect and will come with a six-month free trial.

The new software includes picture navigation, streaming internet radio services, read-aloud news, Facebook and Twitter alerts. Audi already offers 3G connectivity in its cars, but the new service will offer connection speeds up to seven times faster than the 3G service and will allow up to eight devices to connect to the car’s mobile hotspot.

But Audi isn’t the only company planning 4G LTE connectivity in its cars. Late last month, General Motors announced that it plans to offer the same sort of connection in its cars in co-operation with AT&T. The 2015 Corvette, Impala, Malibu and Volt will be the first to offer Chevrolet owners such a service. GM hasn’t announced pricing details of its data plan, which is expected  to come online this summer.

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