Aston Martin Launches Winter Driving Program

There is a new way for Aston Martin owners to enjoy their cars, and it involves a race track, but no asphalt.

The British automaker has designed a series of ice-driving courses in Crested Butte, Colorado where customers are invited to hone their driving skills. There is a braking/cornering exercise loop, a slalom, a large skid pad and of course a mile-long frozen circuit where drivers can take what they have learned and put it to use.

This past winter was the inaugural run of the ice-driving experience, known as “On Ice,” but it won’t be the last. “After this hugely successful first year we expect the On Ice program to become a mainstay of our customer experience offerings here in North America,” said Julian Jenkins, President of Aston Martin The Americas.

Aston also offers a rocky mountain drive that runs in the summer time, along with a number of experiences that take place around Pebble Beach automotive week in August for its customers.

The Aston Martin On Ice program will be back next year, with dates planned for February 2015. Those wishing to participate can contact [email protected]

GALLERY: Aston Martin On Ice

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