Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept Video, First Look

While the debut of the 2015 Audi TT was expected at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the German automaker also had a surprise in store with the TT Quattro Sport Concept.

Powered by the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as the standard TT, the Quattro Sport concept instead packs 420 hp with 332 lb-ft of torque while weighing in at just 2,963 lbs. The result? A great-looking luxury sports car that can blast to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.

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It’s likely that the TT Quattro Sport concept will end up being a production variant in the TT’s lineup (Can you say TT-RS?), but it’s understandable if the German automaker is waiting to see how well-received (or not) the third-generation TT is first.

Get a closer look at this concept car in our first look video below:

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GALLERY: Audi TT quattro sport concept


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