BMW X7 Production Plans to be Announced Tomorrow

The world’s top luxury auto maker will announce plans to build a seven-seat utility vehicle tomorrow.

Set to be part of its Spartanburg, S.C. assembly plant expansion plan, the X7 will join BMW’s other crossovers, which are also built at the same facility. BMW plans to expand its annual capactiy there to 400,000 units, representing a 50,000 unit capacity expansion.

The X7 will be BMW’s largest crossover yet and will be aimed primarily at the company’s U.S. customers. Further details about production plans for the crossover will be announced tomorrow during a press conference according to Automotive News. But the capacity  expansion doens’t necessarily mean BMW will aim to sell that many X7 “Sport Activity Vehicles” once production comes online. There is currently a months-long waiting period for customers ordering a new X5 and BMW will likely direct some of the newfound capcity to building more of its mid-size models.

BMW shelved production plans for the X7 in 2008 when the automotive market was collapsing, but the steady eonomic recovery is spurring companies to develop larger utiltiy vehilces again. Earlier this year, Volkswagen also announced plans to market a seven-seat SUV that will sit above the Touareg in its line.

[Source: Automotive News]

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