Ferrari California T Bows With Twin-Turbo V8

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

The folks at Ferrari are really upping their game with the brand-new California T, like they needed to get any crazier… The car just made its glorious debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Aside from some sexy new body work, which was allegedly inspired by the Testa Rossa and its pontoon fenders, this car’s most important change is found in the engine compartment. The “T” in its name stands for “turbo” or more appropriately two of them. This beast is powered by a mighty 3.8-liter V8. The design is all new and delivers a real wallop, 552 hp and 523 lb-ft of twist; best of all its 15 percent more fuel efficient.

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Engineers worked tirelessly to eliminate lag from that duet. With a twin-scroll layout as well as direct fuel injection they claim this powerplant delivers the responsiveness of a naturally aspirated engine as well as “the most exhilarating soundtrack any turbo has ever yielded.” We don’t know, but that lofty-sounding claim could very well be true.

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And all of that technology really pays off. The California T can explode from a standstill to 100 kmh in just 3.6 seconds. Beyond powertrain enhancements there’s an updated chassis design that incorporates a new steering box and suspension setup, ostensibly for better driving dynamics. The car’s magnetic ride dampers have been improved and supposedly they react 50 percent faster.

Additionally carbon-ceramic brakes can eradicate 100 km/h worth of velocity in just 34 meters. Meanwhile the retractable hardtop transforms this beauty from a coupe into a spider in just 14 seconds.

The new California T is Ferrari’s first turbocharged car in a very long time. With chortle-inducing amounts of power and torque coupled with reduced fuel consumption it looks like a winner to us.

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Craig Cole
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