Mazda Hazumi Concept Bounds Into Geneva

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Small cars are BIG, especially in places like Europe where space is at a premium. Foreshadowing an upcoming next-generation subcompact model the folks at Mazda revealed their Hazumi Concept here in Geneva.

One thing you’re sure to notice about this four-seat, B-Segment hatchback is the exterior styling. It’s yet another step on the company’s KODO design staircase, and overall it looks quite similar to the company’s CX-5 crossover and well as the compact Mazda3. This concept’s grille and headlamp design is unmistakably Mazda.

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Now, Hazumi is supposedly Japanese for “to bound or spring up” something they claim brings to mind the image of a small or vigorous animal; I can see that. Perhaps the car is like a rabbit hopping through the forest before it gets snatched up by a bird of prey like a kestrel or an ospey.

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Inside this hatchback has a youthful look with lots of different surface shapes. Black and white leather provide lots of contrast while a special crimson-hued material is used on the seats. This vehicle also highlights Mazda’s i-Activsense suite of advanced driver-assistance technologies, which typically includes things like radar-based cruise control, automatic high beams and lane-departure warning.

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As for powertrain the Hazumi Concept features a new 1.5-liter Skyactiv-D diesel engine. Output figures are not available at this time but it’s designed for maximum efficiency and its emissions should clock in at fewer than 90 grams of CO2 per kilometer; it should also meet the stringent Euro 6 standard without the need for fancy after-treatment systems. Stop-start technology and the company’s i-Eloop regenerative braking system help cut consumption.

Unfortunately there’s no production news to share about the Mazda Hazumi Concept at this time so don’t go looking for it at dealerships anytime soon.

GALLERY: Mazda Hazumi Concept Live Photos

GALLERY: Mazda Hazumi Concept

[Photo Source: Chris Doane Automotive Facebook]

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