2015 Mustang Can Order Pizza Delivery On The Go


In the latest of an ongoing series of technical briefings Ford showcased some of the advanced technology going in the brand-new 2015 Mustang. Some high-end driver-assistance features will be made available for the first time in addition to a host of new standard equipment.

Whether you opt for the most basic ‘Stang or a loaded-to-the-gills GT model each and every one will come with push-button start. It makes life a little easier because the fob can remain tucked away in your pocket or purse; there’s no need to fumble around with a traditional key anymore.

In addition to this, the 2015 Mustang will also come standard with a rear-view camera. The decklid-mounted electronic eye should make backing up a lot safer and easier.

When it comes to technology there’s a laundry list of high-end, segment-exclusive technologies drivers can opt for. Simplifying life, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning and rain-sensing windshield wipers are all on the options menu. Additionally, customers can get cross-traffic alert and memory seats. Items like these were the exclusive domain of luxury cars just a few years ago; it’s nice to see them percolate down to America’s ponycar.

The “Track Apps” feature that’s available on today’s Mustang has also been upgraded. In addition to measuring acceleration, braking and G-forces the feature can also display things like air-fuel ratio, boost and vacuum on turbocharged models, cylinder-head temperature, oil pressure and much more. It enables enthusiasts to really geek out when they’re behind the wheel.

Beyond all of this, Track Apps can save different performance figures. Let’s say you were racing on the drag strip over the weekend. The car can remember your zero to 60 acceleration, your reaction time and more. The car even has a built-in Christmas tree that shows up in the instrument cluster so you can practice drag racing. For owners in global markets Ford has also engineered the car to display data in metric, allowing drivers to sidestep any confusing conversion formulas.

Motorists can also choose between four different driving modes via a dashboard-mounted toggle switch. There’s Normal, Snow/Wet, Sport+ and Track. Each setting adjusts a variety of vehicle parameters to meet the needs of different situations, whether you’re on a back road or drag strip. For quick getaways launch control is standard on Mustang GT as well.

Hungry for more? Good, because Ford has actually partnered with Domino’s Pizza to allow you to order food via its SYNC system.

The company’s AppLink technology allows you to access some of your favorite smartphone features from the car, think of things like restaurant reviews and streaming-music services. Using Ford’s set of APIs, software developers can connect with SYNC and enable some unique experiences.

As for pizza, drivers install the Domino’s app on their phone and setup a profile. After that it wirelessly hooks into SYNC and allows them to do a variety of things like place an order, pay for dinner and even track the status of their meal. Has their pizza gone into the oven yet? Will it be delivered soon? This is a very clever and mouth-watering idea.

With the all-new 2015 model Ford is really bringing the Mustang into the 21st Century… and beyond. Look for more updates about this exciting car as they become available.

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