Range Rover Sport R-S Spied in Self-Promoting Camo

Range Rover Sport R-S Spied in Self-Promoting Camo

Jaguar Land Rover has slowly but surely been rolling out ‘R-S’ versions of each and every vehicle it sells, and it seems that the Range Rover Sport is next. 

Our spy photographers snapped some pictures of just such a Range Rover Sport testing, wrapped in some unusual camo that features images of other Range Rover Sports testing in various locations.

The hardcore R-S version of the Range Rover Sport is expected to use a supercharged V8, like the standard version, but in this application that engine is expected to make at least 550 hp compared to the Range Rover’s 510 hp. The true nature of this prototype is revealed by the larger air intakes fitted at the front along with quad exhuast exits coming out the rear of the vehicle.

Larger brakes, possibly even with carbon ceramic rotors, will also be fitted to the Range Rover Sport RS, along with some slight interior upgrades that will probably include unique finish and special stitching.

The Range Rover Sport R-S is expected to debut before the end of 2014.

GALLERY: Range Rover Sport R-S

Range Rover Sport RS 1 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 5 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 6 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 2 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 4 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 9 copy.jpgRange Rover Sport RS 8 copy.jpg

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