Subaru Viziv 2 Concept is a Handsome High-Riding Hybrid

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Along with media from around the world auto shows host all kinds of product reveals, things like the breathtaking McLaren 650S, the intriguing Jeep Renegade and the obscenely luxurious Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. But they all can’t be heart-stopping; sometimes you have to report on vehicles people actually drive.

Subarus for instance are as practical as they are quirky, as reliable as they are matter of fact, and the Japanese automaker revealed its Viziv 2 Concept here in Switzerland. It’s an encore presentation to the identically named vehicle that was revealed last year in Geneva.

The “deuce” follows in the tire tracks of Subaru’s original Viziv except this one has four doors instead of two. If you’re curious the name is sort of a portmanteau of “vision for innovation.” It’s a tip of the hand as to what a future-generation crossover from the Fuji firm could look like.

The Viziv 2 is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that centers on a 1.6-liter boxer four-cylinder engine. It’s turbocharged for power and efficiency and features direct fuel injection. It’s matched to a high torque-capacity version of Subaru’s Lineartronic continuously variable transmission.

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The engine is augmented by a trio of electric motors, one up front and two out back. Those little dynamos enable “Independent-Rear-Motor-Driven Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive” and let’s be honest, you can’t have a Subaru without power being sent to all four corners.

Aside from that fancy hybrid system, the Viziv 2 features even more high-end technology. Autonomous driving is enabled by the company’s latest EyeSight system with stereoscopic cameras as well as an array of other sensors.

The company hasn’t said specifically what vehicle this concept previews but with the Outback so long in the tooth, it could easily be a big brother to the brand-new XV Crosstrek Hybrid.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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  • Scott McClarin Scott McClarin on Mar 14, 2014

    Subaru...please say you'll make the future outback rear doors do that!! that was AWESOME!! those big circles front and rear on the bumpers are Yuck to about LED daylights along the outside edge of the vents low on the corners. and then Big fog lights!! we love big fog lights!!!

  • Guest Guest on Mar 29, 2014