Top 10 Mobile Apps for Car Owners

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Car Owners

Car companion apps (MBrace, BMW ConnectedDrive, Infiniti Connect, MyFord Mobile, OnStar)

With these companion apps, you can see real-time information of your cars status and location on your phone and in some cars, even get up to date information on the vehicles infotainment system.

Many of these apps are free and don’t require a subscription. However, they usually need a validated registration including the VIN number so they can connect your smart-phone to your car. Once set up, get ready to experience the next generation of in-car infotainment.

These apps can give you access to your emails and social media updates on your car’s main display. They can even show you new and interesting locations nearby by using your phones Internet connection to send new data to the car. When you park your car, you can use your mobile app to see where you parked and how much fuel or range you have left. Some versions of these apps even allow you to schedule maintenance and service right from the car – quickly and easily. If your vehicle supports one of these systems, you may be missing out on some next-level stuff.

Check with your dealership, or search your app store to see if your car features connectivity with a companion app.

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