Volvo Concept Estate Proves Wagons Can Be Sexy

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

This beautiful vehicle is the Volvo Concept Estate and it just made its global debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It may simply be a design study but what exactly is it? Is it a station wagon, a hatchback or a shooting brake? Volvo calls it a three-door sports wagon but we call it beautiful.

This is the Swedish automaker’s third reveal in an ongoing series of concept cars. You may remember the XC Coupe that was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. The Estate has a similar vibe to it with elegant design and no superfluous nonsense. According to Volvo it was inspired by the brand’s 1800 ES model from the 1970s.

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Inside this car’s design is just as restrained and mature. In fact the two-spoke steering wheel and instrumentation pay homage to the 1800 as well. But focusing on the center console there’s a tablet-inspired touch screen that replaces numerous controls. Sure, some physical buttons and switches remain for things like volume, play/pause and hazard lights. This layout hints at future Volvo user interfaces.

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Beyond theses electronics bright orange seatbelts and a gear shifter fashioned from crystal add a dash of pizaaz to the interior. There’s also naturally tanned leather and special aged wood trim that’s been waxed like a piece of fine furniture; further embellishing the cabin are machined copper accents.

There’s a lot to like about the Volvo Concept Estate though it’s still just a design study at this point. But we wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation V70 wagon looked like this.

GALLERY: Volvo Concept Estate Live Photos

GALLERY: Volvo Concept Estate

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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