25 Years of Mazda Miatas: a History in Photos


Celebrating 25 years of its much-loved sports car, Mazda is presenting a huge selection of historic MX-5 Miata models at the New York Auto Show.

In addition to the a new 25th Anniversary Edition model and the debut of a the new Skyactiv chassis that will underpin the fourth generation MX-5, Mazda brought over a dozen other historic roadsters to the Big Apple. We’ve gathered together all most of them for the MX-5 fetishist in everyone.


The 14th Miata ever built, this blue beauty was one of three cars unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989.


Number 15 in the production line for the first year of Miatas in 1990.


The third of a group of cars on display at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show this 1990 Miata is the 17th Miata ever made and the first to be transformed into a race car.


This 1998 Club Racer concept foreshadowed the Miata’s future involvement in motorsports and features a lowered suspension, flush headlights and plus-sized 15-inch wheels.


The M Coupe, this MX-5 made its debut at the NY Auto Show in 1996 and was the first look at what a Miata might look like with a roof.


A twin to the M Coupe, the M Speedster debuted at the 1995 Chicago Auto Show and backs up the wild look with a supercharged 1.8-liter engine making 200 hp.


This is the only 1998 Miata in existence, with production of the first generation car ending in 1997 and the second-gen model not arriving until 1999. Based on the first-gen body, it incorporates unique second-gen features, like the non-pop-up headlights.


Painted in a stunning Evolution Orange Mica, this is the 500,000th Miata ever made, a milestone for any sports car.


A 1999 SCCA Spec Miata cemented the cars involvement in motorsports. Already a mainstay at track events across the country, this car launched the Spec Miata series that has seen as many as 85 cars competing on the same track at the same time.


The 700,000th MX-5 Miata ever built, this milestone car is a potent performer and trades the usual naturally aspirated powerplant for a turbocharged engine. A Mazdaspeed model it is one of just 5,142 Mazdaspeed MX-5s ever made.

For full-size versions of all of the above photos (and more) check out our gallery below.

GALLERY: 25 Years of Mazda Miatas


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