Is an Infiniti Juke in the Works?

Is an Infiniti Juke in the Works?

A luxury version of the Nissan Juke could be on its way, sporting an Infiniti badge.

Reports are coming in that the Japanese automaker is planning to unveil a new compact crossover at the upcoming 2014 Beijing Motor Show based on the Nissan Juke. The luxury compact crossover segment is growing, especially now that Lexus has officially debuted its NX model, so it’s natural that Infiniti would create a competitor of its own.

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The above image was part of a press conference held before the Beijing Motor Show and reveals a shaded silhouette of an unnamed model that shares a similar roofline to the Juke. It is likely that Infiniti’s version will sport styling similar to what is found on the Q50, as the brand shifts its image to be more consistent throughout its lineup.

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The model is being mentioned as one of seven Infiniti models that will enter the Chinese market this year. As for this being the QX30, it’s possible, but unlikely since that model will be built on the Q30 platform and isn’t due until 2016. This is the first time the brand has hinted at an even more compact crossover, do there’s a chance it could sport the QX20 or even QX10 nameplate.

We’ll know more once the 2014 Beijing Motor Show kicks off in a couple of weeks.

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