Infiniti Q70 Grows Longer, Safer and Sexier for 2015

Sick of sitting in the automoive luxury market’s second tier, Infiniti is launching a product offensive aimed at competing more directly with Germany.

Performance capability will play a big role in that, but so will large-scale luxury cars. The Q70 (formerly the M) is no runt, but Infiniti understands that it still isn’t able to keep up with extended wheelbase options from other manufacturers.

Following behind the recently-released Q50, the Q70 adopts the same styling cues. Its flared front fenders and rear-end style are both characteristics the refreshed sedan shares with its less expensive sibling.

Powertrain options carry over as do the rest of the vehicle’s mechanical components. That means the Q50’s steer-by-wire system is not in place here. Similarly, Infinti’s previous-generation infotainment system is also in place rather than the brand’s new two-screen system.

The biggest news is that Infiniti will begin offering a long-wheelbase model for the 2015 model year. The new cars will begin arriving in late 2014 and offer 5.9 extra inches of rear-seat legroom. The Q70L, as it’s called, will be sold with the 3.7-liter V6 making 330 hp or the 5.6-liter V8 that makes 416 hp compared to the 420-hp rating the same engine with the normal wheelbase cars. Infiniti will continue offering its hybrid powertrain as well, but not with the Q70L.

Aside from a revised exterior and more available rear legroom, the brand is also adding four new safety systems to its flagship sedan. “Predictive Forward Collision Warning,” a system that can see past the car immediately ahead to detect a crash sooner than the driver, will be available in the Q70 for 2015. Nissan’s bird’s eye view parking display will also be available along with a a system called “Backup Collision Intervention” and automatic braking while driving forward. There’s also a lane departure prevention system that will gently apply the brakes to prevent the car from drifting between lanes.

GALLERY: 2015 Infiniti Q70 Live Photos


GALLERY: 2015 Infiniti Q70


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