McLaren to Steer Clear of Hybrid Tech on Future Models

McLaren to Steer Clear of Hybrid Tech on Future Models

McLaren has promised one new model each year and while there are plenty of rumors as to what will arrive in 2015, we can confirm it won’t use hybrid power.

Speaking with AutoGuide at the New York Auto Show McLaren Automotive product planning boss Jamie Corstophine commented that electrification of the powertrain is, “not appropriate at this pricepoint.”

Referring to the far-from-cheap $265,500 650S model, even at a sum that substantial mating an electric component to the gasoline powertrain is prohibitive.

Corstophine explains that for the P1 supercar the end goal was to build a car where the net drawbacks of hybrid technology, namely, the added weight, were offset by the increase in both performance and driving feel. That, he says, they achieved (we’ll hold out on judgement until there’s a P1 in our hands) but it wasn’t easy.

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Corstophine says McLaren pushed its suppliers to the limit an even had to develop some aspects of the P1’s electric components in-house. The cost of some of the components was so expensive, even at a quarter million dollars, no business case for a hybrid McLaren can be made.

Instead, look for one of two options to arrive next year, with rumors of a new supercar to slot in above the 650S (but below the P1), while a more likely alternative is the brand’s Porsche GT3 competitor.

As for the P1, Corstophine says that of the 375 limited production models, 124 have been allotted for North America and roughly 80 drivers will take delivery of their car this year.



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