1,088 HP Concept_One Electric Car Heads to Production

Three years ago, Rimac showed off an electric car packing 1,088 hp and now it might become a reality.

According to a recent report, Rimac has secured funding from two investors enabling it to produce 88 copies of the Concept_One priced at almost $1 million a piece. In addition, the Croatian company has also expanded its business by creating an electric bicycle brand called Greyp and is producing its first product, the G-12. The report states that one of the investors is a Ferrari 599 XX owner, Frank Kanayet Yepes, that works in the energy and oil industry in Columbia. Yepes is also known for investing in the new Formula E electric series, so he’s definitely interested in the electrification of cars.

The other investor is a resource company in Hong Kong, which is believed to be buying a 10-percent stake in Rimac. The company says it has six vehicles in the pipeline and interest in the Concept_One continues to grow. Rimac has developed most of its own technology, which it plans on licensing out to other firms.

GALLERY: Rimac Concept_One



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