Top 10 Best Interiors of 2014

Volkswagen GTI

Taking sport to a whole new level is the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI, which will go on sale this year in the U.S. Bright red stitching contrasts the dark accessories such as the steering wheel and shift boot while brushed metallic accents assures this is German engineering at work. The user-friendly touchscreen delivers all the important information a driver needs while those really looking for something different can opt for the plaid-seat inserts seen above.


Pat says:

Wow really!? Only 2 out of the 10 had nice interiors! The rest were ugly and cheap looking! Yup good one Auto guide!

Pete Flynn says:

Chrysler 200C has been reviled by the critics. But I guess it’s a good place to sit while waiting for the tow truck!

For me, most of these are still too busy. Less is more, and I have really come to appreciate what Volvo has (or hasn’t) done to their interiors.
I do not want my car interior to look like a pinball machine.

Severo says:

Yeees!!!!!! #savethemanuals. Love it!!!!

severo says:

I mean, the Stingray.

Haydaddy says:

This is an absolutely
useless article. These cars cannot be compared for the most part. Comparing
different classes of cars is a waste of time. They are comparing the obviously
plastic interior of GTI sitting next in ranking to a $120k S550. Incredible! I
could go on, but I will stop there. Oh, sorry, they also left off my incredibly
svelte Jag interior. Nuts!

Zuri Lopez says:

Wheres Cadillac CTS… Malibu.. VW TOUREG