2015 Toyota Tundra Driving Range to Improve

2015 Toyota Tundra Driving Range to Improve

Being the least-efficient in a given segment and offering the smallest fuel tank doesn’t seem to make sense and yet Toyota is currently doing just that with its half-ton pickup truck. 

However, the Tundra is being upgraded for the 2015 model year and the changes will include a larger gas tank and the addition of an integrated trailer brake controller according to Tundra chief engineer, Mike Sweers.

In fact, Toyota is planning much more than a mildly larger tank. For 2015, the Tundra will leap past every other truck in its segment to offer a 38-gallon gas tank, which is two gallons greater than the Ford F-150 which uses a 36-gallon tank and is currently the segment leader. This move makes perfect sense considering the Tundra’s 15 mpg combined fuel economy rating.

The other addition is an integrated trailer brake controller, a device that is built into the truck to independently control the trailer brakes. Ram, Ford and GM all offer integrated trailer brake controllers, though Toyota owners currently have to install aftermarket devices to enjoy the same level of braking.

Trailers equipped with brakes don’t make use of them without a brake controller, which leaves the vehicle braking system to handling all stopping duty. While aftermarket units provide the same capability, the Tundra will benefit from a cabin-integrated system that will present a nicer package than a non-specific aftermarket unit can.

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