Alfa Romeo Considering Higher Performance 4C

Alfa Romeo Considering Higher Performance 4C

Even though the Alfa Romeo 4C has yet to arrive at North American Fiat and Maserati dealers, the brand is considering a higher-performing version.

The 1.8-liter boosted four-cylinder engine mounted behind the cockpit has the potential to product more power, which isn’t a problem for the especially stuff carbon fiber monocoque chassis, Alfa Romeo CEO Harald Wester told Automotive News. Improved brakes will be the first major change if the company does decide to offer an even more performance capable version.

Alfa Romeo first showed the 4C in Geneva more than a year ago and has since revealed a convertible version. But the car that will begin appearing in June for North American buyers is heavily re-contented in an effort to make it more appealing to U.S. drivers.

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The monocoque and the front and rear frames are different, the suspension has been reinforced and suspension tuning has been changed,” Wester told the trade journal. “It was a really significant overhaul.” The U.S. market car is also supposed to come with a more richly-appointed cabin than the comparatively “naked” driving experience European customers are willing to accept.

A headlight replacement was one of the most aesthetically obvious changes that took place before the small sports car was ready for North American sale.

Pricing hasn’t been officially announced for the car here, but will start at roughly $55,000 for the base model and will climb to roughly $70,000 for a fully-equipped model.

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