AutoGuide Now for the Week of May 5

Your weekly sneak peek into AutoGuide’s test cars is finally here. Come take a look at what we’re up to this week.

CS5UltraTouring copyCooper Tires CS5 Tires Test – Mike Schlee, Road Test Editor: “This week I am off to the Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Center in San Antonio, Texas to test out the all-new Cooper CS5 Touring tire. I’ll be testing it on a massive wet skidpad as well as a dry race track. Expect a full report late in the week on the tire tire.” Reach out to Mike on Twitter to learn more about the Cooper CS5 Touring tires.

2014-mercedes-benz-s-class 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550Craig Cole, Associate Editor: “It’s a rare day when a luxury automaker redesigns its flagship sedan. The introduction of a brand-new model is hugely important, akin to the birth of a royal heir or the launching of a battleship. This week I’ll be sampling the beautiful new Mercedes-Benz S550. The car promises breathtaking performance, cutting-edge technology and more luxury than an entire season of “Downtown Abbey.” I can’t wait to sample this machine and share all the details.” Follow his updates on Twitter, and be sure to ask him all about the Mercedes awesome interior.

toyota-prius-c 2014 Toyota Prius cLuke Vandezande, Managing Editor: “We’re going into fuel mister territory this week with the Toyota Prius C. It’s small, efficient and well-suited to city driving. But is Toyota’s tiny hybrid really necessary to save fuel? We’re going to pit it against the 1.0-liter three-cylinder Ford Fiesta to find out.” Hybrid or turbocharging, what do you think will take home the prize? Tweet your thoughts at Luke.

ford-fiesta 2014 Ford FiestaSami Haj-Assaad, Features Editor: “By now, we all recognize that the little EcoBoost badge on a car is pointing to the fact that there’s a small-displacement, turbocharged engine under the hood. The Fiesta I have features the smallest engine in Fords lineup: a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that’s supposed to deliver 37 mpg in combined driving situations, while still maintaining a fun-to-drive philosophy.”  Tweet at Sami to see what he thinks of this super-fuel-efficient Fiesta.