Jaguar F-Type to Get Manual, AWD

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

The Jaguar F-Type shook things up with it revived the brand’s presence in the sports car segment, but there’s still plenty to come from the British brand that loves to be bad.

Long before the company even launched its initial F-Type product salvo, then-North American Jaguar Land Rover boss Andy Goss told in an interview at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show that the company was weighing the possibility of a manual transmission version. At the time, he said top Jaguar’s top brass wanted a stick from the outset, but that it needed to focus on higher volume models before anything so niche would be possible. You see, manuals don’t sell outside of Neverland anymore with luxury sports car buyers.

Information about future plans for the car hasn’t stopped trickling out, even as more models including the 550-hp V8 R version of the coupe nears dealers. Rumors of a more enthusiast focused “club sport” model began emerging in late March that would shed several hundred pounds to enhance performance in what would amount to an even lower volume iteration aimed at enthusiasts. There have also been rumors that Jaguar intends to offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder model.

Whether Jaguar makes a business case for a version like that or not, the company is apparently readying a variant equipped with a manual transmission as well as a version of the car with all-wheel drive. Jaguar spokesman Wayne Kung declined to confirm the rumor in an e-mail inquiry.

Offering an all-wheel drive version of the car could pose to greatly enhance its sales potential. Especially in supercharged V8 form, the car easily overpowers its rear wheels and directing some of that force to the front could make it a much more manageable package.

Goss wasn’t shy more than a year ago about the company’s desire and ability to offer a manual and while there still isn’t official confirmation from the company, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Jaguar positioning its sports car for stronger sales. In the U.S., the convertible version just marked its 12th month with over 3,100 units moved to date. The coupe version will hit dealers very soon and presumably, the well-received model will continue to enjoy stronger sales as a result. After all, the V6 coupe variants both come at a substantial discount to their cloth top counterparts.

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Luke Vandezande
Luke Vandezande

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