Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept Revaled With 503-HP

Volkswagen’s Vision Gran Turismo concept just officially debuted at the mega VW meet-up in Worthersee, Austria.

Built without regard for production feasibility or price, the car uses a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 that makes 503 hp and up to 403 lb-ft of torque. Full twist isn’t available until after 4,000 RPM, but the company said today that 369 lb-ft would be available at 2,000 RPM. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission sends power to all four wheels via a permanent FourMotion all-wheel drive system.

The GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo is the latest car to be revealed as part of Polyphony Digital’s celebration of the 15th anniversary of its Gran Turismo racing simulator.

Volkswagen claims the theoretical car runs from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and is capable of hitting 192 MPH. That’s helped in part by a 3,133-lb curb weight and extreme aero kit that contribute to keeping the car from flipping over at high speeds.

Its proportions are also significantly altered compared to the production GTI. OF course, there’s the missing roof, but it also has a 98.2-inch wheelbase that is significantly shorter than the MK7 GTI. Needless to say, it has a particularly low overall height (42.9 inches) by being sans roof.

Sony says mid-way through June, Gran Turismo players will be able to download and drive the concept car.

GALLERY: VW GTI Roadster Concept


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