Feds End $7,000 Daily Fines against General Motors

Feds End $7,000 Daily Fines against General Motors

General Motors is no longer being fined $7,000 per day by federal safety regulators for failing to provide adequate information in the controversial ignition switch recall and subsequent investigation.

NHTSA began fining GM $7,000 for each day that it failed to fully answer questions related to a U.S. government investigation into how it handled the recall. In total, GM will pay $420,000 in fines after missing the April 3 deadline. Those penalties are in addition to the $35 million maximum penalty the manufacturer is required to pay by Friday. The cumulative delay penalty is due by July 4.

According to the Detroit News, NHTSA halted the fines after GM released its 315-page internal report conducted by former U.S. attorney Anton Valukas. The report was released on June 4, which was the same day GM CEO Mary Barra announced that 15 unidentified employees had been fired in connection with the defective vehicles and that five others are being disciplined.

GM is being required to meet with NHTSA on a monthly basis. The company must also provide biweekly updates on how many of the 2.6 million affected vehicles have been repaired and updates if the repair schedule changes.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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