Honda Breaks Tradition in New Civic Type R Video


Typically considered a fairly traditional automaker, Honda is out to buck that tradition with its new Civic Type R.

The all-new Civic Type R will be available in Europe starting next year in the summer and to keep the hype train moving along, Honda has launched a campaign for the sports car. Unfortunately, the campaign still features the concept and not the production model.

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Kicking off the campaign is a new video that Honda warns has “R-Rated Content,” which of course plays on the name of the Civic Type R concept. But let’s be clear, this video is just about as extreme as you’d expect Honda to go.

One thing is evident, the Japanese automaker is out to prove that this new Civic Type R will break from tradition and perhaps goes back to the automaker’s roots back when the Integra Type R and Civic Type R were such highly respected front-wheel drive warriors.

The Honda Civic Type R concept will be on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.

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Tim says:

Ok, usually honda has awesome commercials, but this just didnt make sense. 2 second shot of the car in a 1 minute spot? Seriously?

P.F. Bruns says:

It’s the Infiniti model, and that worked out pretty w…what? Oh. Never mind.

Rickers says:

This is a seriously terrible ad. I sure hoe the car is better.

Tj SplaT Hooker says:

this is really amazing, R type that won’t be the same one we in Merica would get! and if only it’s a RWD it be a lot awesome! don’t need to make a S3000 platform just this.

Rickers says:

If we even get any Type R.. which we probably won’t.

Tj SplaT Hooker says:

mos def, not…. we just need to dream but it hella flush though, should you wish they make this a RWD or AWD rather than FWD? we’ll just have to annoy honda 🙂