Lexus Once Again Competitive in Luxury Sales Race

Lexus is once again a competitor in the luxury car sales race.

Last month, the Japanese automaker outsold German competitor Mercedes-Benz for the second time in five months, while pulling within 12,000 units of BMW, the current market leader. The competition with BMW could get closer later this year, as Lexus will be introducing its new NX crossover and RC coupe. Both BMW and Mercedes overtook Lexus in luxury auto sales following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan during 2011.

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According to retail sales data, Lexus actually won the race in the first quarter of 2014. The Japanese automaker sold 65,475 vehicles while Mercedes moved 63,483 units and BMW saw 63,353 vehicles leave its dealers. Prior to 2011, Lexus actually had an 11-year streak as the top seller in the luxury market but struggled to gain ground for a couple years following the natural disasters.

Toyota has said that Lexus is unlikely to best its 2007 record of 330,000 deliveries in the U.S., but is looking forward to topping its global all-time sales record of 523,000 units worldwide.

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