Top 10 Coolest Digital Gauge Clusters

2014 Cadillac ELR

While you might think the ELR features a display that’s taken right from the CTS and XTS, it’s quite a bit different. That’s because the ELR is a luxury oriented electric vehicle, meaning it has to show the driver the important details of the electric powertrain.

Instead of using a needle or gauge to indicate efficiency, there is a green orb to the left of the speedometer that floats up and down depending on how you drive. Drive aggressively and it moves upwards. If you start braking or applying the regen-on-demand paddles, the orb will float low into the “Brake” area, indicating that the car is recharging its batteries. The key to getting the best range with the car is to balance the little orb in the middle.

Aside from showing efficiency, the display can show other information including the navigation system.