Top 10 Coolest Digital Gauge Clusters

2014 SRT Viper

In past generations, the Viper earned a reputation of biting back at the driver and punishing people unable to tame its raw power. The new Viper has safety features meant to give drivers more confidence, but it still flashes its teeth in an intimidating way. Literally. Approaching redline, the digital tachometer begins to turn red and the “Stryker” logo begins to appear in its place.

That’s not the Viper’s only cool party trick. Like other SRT cars in the Chrysler portfolio, the Viper features a digital display in the gauge cluster. You can use that display to see 0-to-60 times, 0-to-100 mph times, eighth- and quarter-mile elapsed times. It also shows your braking distance, instant g-force measurement readouts and top-speed performance.