Toyota Aims to Deliver FT-1’s Virtual Performance for Real

Toyota might be making serious moves toward a production version of the FT-1 concept that set Detroit ablaze last January.

In what look like scanned pages of MotorTrend’s July issue, the magazine reports that Toyota Motor Sales – the company’s U.S. arm – is rumored to have ordered a second copy of the FT-1 concept in a different color following overwhelmingly positive feedback on the auto show circuit. The same report suggests that Toyota is working on a wide-body race car version in a video game tie-up, possibly with the Gran Turismo racing franchise.

MotorTrend opines that a second concept car being ordered signals Toyota taking a more serous look at building what was originally meant to be a design study because that would mean the company greenlit additional spending on the project. Word is, Toyota wants to shoot for the 2,900-lb weight and 485-hp output rating that the FT-1 Concept claims in Gran Turismo 6.

There still isn’t any word on what might power the car, but Toyota is currently working with BMW to co-develop a sports car. Bavarian Motor Works is currently using a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine to power its newM3 and M4 siblings, so it isn’t outlandish to imagine that engine showing up in Toyota’s yet-unnamed sports car. In the BMW application, the engine pushes out 425 hp, which would put the FT-1 in spitting distance of that goal before any sort of enhancements.

A Toyota spokesman was not available to comment on the rumor.

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[Source: FT-1 Club]

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