Yellow, Orange Cars Depreciate the Least: Study

A recent study suggests that cars with bright paint colors like yellow and orange actually have lower depreciation than your more mundane colors such as white and black.

The study, conducted by, analyzed over 20 million used cars that were for sale last year and studied vehicles of all colors from 1981 to 2010 model years. The depreciation for each vehicle was calculated based on the price of the used car, the original MSRP (adjusted for inflation) and the age of the vehicle. From there, cars of the same color were aggregated to determine the average depreciation over five years for each color.

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As it turns out, yellow cars depreciated an average of 26.2 percent over five years while orange cars depreciated 27.6 percent. More popular shades such as white depreciated 33.7 percent and black was the worst at 34.4 percent. Overall, the average depreciation of vehicles over five years was 33.6 percent.

The lower depreciation was seen across all car types – meaning yellow was still the least depreciated shade among SUVs. Interestingly enough among convertibles, teal was the color that depreciated the least. Scarcity helps account for the difference however, with only 1.1 percent of all vehicles studied being yellow or orange.

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[Source: iSeeCars]

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