2015 Ford Mustang Curb Weights Revealed

The new 2015 Ford Mustang has gained a few pounds over the previous generation, though not the 200-pounds that it was originally believed to be. 

The base curb weight for the 2015 Mustang V6 fastback is 3,526 pounds with a manual transmission, or 3,530 with the automatic. That represents a gain of 30 pounds for the manual and just 12 for the auto.

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When it comes to the EcoBoost Mustang, the base curb weight is 3,532 pounds with the manual, or 3,524 with the automatic transmission. In comparison to last year’s V6 model, the turbo ‘Stang has packed on 36 pounds with a do-it-yourself gear box or six with the automatic.

Finally, the top-dog Mustang has packed on the most weight, increasing its curb weight by 87 pounds with a manual transmission, bringing the total to 3,705. With the automatic, the V8-powered Mustang has gained 54 pounds, putting the final curb weight at 3,729 pounds.

Power numbers also came from Ford today, placing the V6 at 300 hp, the EcoBoost at 310 hp and the V8 at 435 hp.

The additional weight is likely coming mostly from the new independent rear suspension setup that is used in the 2015 car.

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