Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto: Which Will Your New Car Use?


As you might have heard, there’s a war for your dashboard going on. Apple and Google are introducing new ways to deliver your smartphone’s user experience through your in-car infotainment system.

The recently announced Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems are designed to help you access more of your phones features and take advantage of your devices internet connection. Both systems work similarly. You plug your phone in and a familiar interface will greet you on your  touchscreen. Android Auto borrows Google’s “cards” interface and uses Google Maps for navigation, while Apple CarPlay uses an interface that’s easily recognizable as iOS.

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Both systems feature voice recognition and the ability to integrate the data from your phone with your car. For example, if a calendar entry in your phone says you have a meeting across town, that information is sent from your device to your car where it will give you the option to start navigating to that location without requiring you to punch in the address again.

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There’s something else you need to know about both systems: your phone might not be compatible. Android Auto is only compatible with Android devices running the latest version of the operating system. Apple CarPlay has the same criteria and is specifically available for iPhones. Automakers also have to choose to support the systems.

Could cell phone compatibility play a role in how you choose your next car? Here’s the list of automakers that have announced support for either or both systems. Keep checking back as we continue to update this list with the latest news regarding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Automaker Apple CarPlay Android Auto Both
Acura Yes
Aston Martin
Audi Yes Yes Yes
Bentley Yes
Chevrolet Yes Yes Yes
Chrysler Yes Yes Yes
Dodge Yes Yes Yes
Ferrari Yes
Fiat Yes Yes Yes
Ford Yes Yes Yes
Honda Yes Yes Yes
Hyundai Yes Yes Yes
Infiniti Yes
Jaguar Yes
Jeep Yes Yes Yes
Kia Yes Yes Yes
Land Rover Yes
Maserati Yes
Mazda Yes Yes Yes
Mercedes-Benz Yes
Mitsubishi Yes Yes Yes
Nissan Yes Yes Yes
Ram Yes Yes Yes
Subaru Yes Yes Yes
Toyota Yes
Volkswagen Yes
Volvo Yes Yes Yes