Audi Releases Pricing for Entire 2015 Lineup

If you’re in the market for a 2015 Audi model, you’ll want to check out all the pricing here.

Starting from cheapest and moving to the most expensive, the 2015 Audi A3 sedan will start from $30,795 including destination. Those shopping for something slightly larger can opt for the Audi A4, which has a starting price of $36,425. The sporty A3 Cabriolet will have an MSRP of $39,525 while luxury crossover buyers can choose the Q5 at $39,825. Audi has not yet announced pricing on the smaller Q3 model.

Moving onto the sporty luxury coupe model, the Audi A5, the 2015 model year will be priced from $40,925 while the all-new TT coupe starts from $41,245. Going back to the sedan models, the high-performance S3 starts at $41,995. Those liking the TT but wanting a convertible model will have to shell out $44,245. The larger luxury sedan, the Audi A6, will be priced from $45,725.

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As for the Audi A5 Cabriolet, those buyers will be staring at a $48,525 price tag while the Q7 SUV will start from $48,625. S4 shoppers will have to cope with a $49,325 price tag while TTS buyers will be looking at $45,595 for the coupe and $52,595 for the convertible.

The 2015 Audi S5 will be priced from $53,425 while the high-performance SQ5 will have a $53,625 starting price tag. S5 Cabriolet buyers will have to shell out $61,825 while those looking for a fancy four-door coupe will be staring at the A7’s $66,825 starting price tag. Entering into the $70,000 range, the RS 5 will start from $71,825 while the S6 will ask a $76,425 price tag. The range-topping A8 sedan will start from $78,325.

RS 5 shoppers looking for the convertible model will start negotating from an $80,125 MSRP and the high-performance S7 will start at $83,425. Moving onto the A8 L, the long-wheelbase sedan will start at $86,025.

From there, the remaining Audi models all push pass the $100,000 price point with the RS 7 starting from $107,425. The S8 will command a $115,825 starting price for the 2015 model year. Lastly are the Audi R8 models with the V8 starting from $117,150 and the V8 Spyder starting at $130,650. The top-of-the-line R8 V10 starts at $155,150 while the Spyder variant will run $167,350.

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