Chrysler Developing Seven-Seat CUV on Minivan Platform

Chrysler’s upcoming seven-passenger crossover could be built on a minivan platform.

According to a recent report from MotorTrend, the American automaker suggested that the new seven-passenger crossover would be built on a front-wheel drive platform with an all-wheel drive option with a V6 powerplant lurking under the hood. Given those parameters, the Dodge Durango platform isn’t a candidate and since the crossover will have a plug-in hybrid variant, that leaves just one platform that’s currently a possibility: the only plug-in hybrid Chrysler has announced is for its next-generation minivan.

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Though the two vehicles will share their platform, expect the crossover to have drastically different styling than the minivan. It is likely that the crossover will feature styling cues from an SUV in order to further differentiate itself from the Town & Country. Platform sharing will enable Chrysler to use the same powertrains across both models, including the plug-in hybrid system.

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[Source: MotorTrend]

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