EPA Pushes for Real-World Tests on Mileage Claims


Fuel mileage claims may be getting more accurate if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has its way.

In light of several automakers revising fuel mileage claims, the EPA is seeking real-world tests to back up automakers’ mileage claims. A recent proposal would require manufacturers to road test vehicles to verify the mileage claims posted on a window sticker. Automakers that have recently reduced their advertised mileage include Hyundai, Kia and Ford.

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The proposal would also make it more difficult for automakers to manipulate lab results in order to deliver higher mileage claims. The EPA noted that some automakers already conduct real-world tests to back up their claims, but the agency hopes to make it a regulatory requirement for all manufacturers. According to the EPA, the difference between a driver’s actual mileage and what a vehicle is rated at is among the most frequent consumer complaints and questions asked.

The agency last adjusted its fuel efficiency testing in 2008 to narrow the gap between advertised values and real-world numbers.

[Source: Automotive News]