Fisker’s Chinese Backer Wants Second Model

For Wanxiang, job one at Fisker is fixing roughly 250 bugs with the Karma luxury car before production can resume. After that, the goal is to launch a second model.

Wanxiang chairman Lu Guanqiu told reporters last week that he wants a second model for the company in 2017. Fisker stopped building the Karma roughly two years ago after a series of problems including recalls and fires caused them to idle the plant in Finland where it was being built. After addressing faults with the car, the company plans to resume Karma production there.

“I often say that Wanxiang can afford to make cars, but Wanxiang cannot afford to make bad cars,” Wanxiang U.S. president Pin Ni told Automotive News.

Securing a reliable supply chain is one of the biggest hurdles Wanxiang needs to overcome before reviving the car. Wanxiang also bought A123 Systems, the company that supplied batteries to Fisker for the Karma when production was still taking place.

Initially, Ni hoped to have Karma production back online within a year of buying the company out of bankruptcy, but now it looks like that timeline is being shelved in favor of working out quality issues with the cars before they are built again.

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[Source: Automotive News]