Lexus RC F Solar Flare Looks Stunning in Real Life

Lexus recently gave its fans the chance to name a new color that will adorn RC F, and the first photos have popped up showing the car in the flesh.

Named Solar Orange, it certainly is an eye catching color on what it probably one of the nicest looking cars that Lexus has ever put together, save perhaps, the LFA.

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Under the hood of this car, a 5.0-liter V8 will put out more than 450 hp, though numbers are yet to be announced. Lexus has said however that it will be the most powerful V8 they have ever put under the hood.

GALLERY: Lexus RC-F Solar Flare


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Shiratori90 says:

I still think that this car looks its best in white, but this color looks good nonetheless.

Rickers says:

Love the carbon spoiler!

Felix James says:

It looks a LOT better than the one CGI pic Lexus released.

kr_metal says:

Lexus’ pics never do their cars justice.

Felix James says:

So true. MAybe it’s just the crazy new designs don’t work that well in photos.


looks good but parking over the curb will ruin that beautiful front end