Volkswagen GTI Sales Halted Over Suspension Issue

Volkswagen has ordered its dealers to not sell about 800 units of the 2015 Golf GTI because some of the vehicles have a safety defect.

The front stabilizer link fastening on the cars can become loose over time, which would affect the car’s steering. Volkswagen will notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the issue immediately, and owners of affected GTIs will be notified by mail. In total, about 2,000 vehicles are affected.

VW will replace the front stabilizer link at no cost to any existing owners of problematic cars. The company is in the process of tracking down the affected units that are waiting to be sold, to administer the fix.

UPDATE: Volkswagen says that both the standard VW Golf and Golf GTI are affected by the issue. 

 [Source: Jalopnik]

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