AutoGuide Now For the Week of August 4

AutoGuide Now For the Week of August 4

There’s an interesting mix of cars coming in to the garage this week ranging from high-performance sports cars to some of the most diminutive stuff on the road today.

jaguar-f-type-coupe_edited-1 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe R: Mike Schlee, Road Test Editor – “This week I’m driving the monstrous, 550 HP Jaguar F-Type Coupe R. Already a big fan of the roadster, the coupe promises more of everything. More power, more practicality and even more gorgeous looks” Be sure to keep an eye on Mike’s twitter feed to see a ton of photos of this gorgeous coupe.

2015 Honda Accord2014 Honda Accord “A stalwart of the mid-size sedan segment, this week I’ll also be in the 2014 Honda Accord. Why? To put it head-to-head with the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata in a comparison test to see which sedan wearing an “H” on the grille is the better car.”

2015-hyundai-sonata 2015 Hyundai Sonata: Luke Vandezande, Managing Editor – “This week I’m driving the re-designed Hyundai Sonata. It looks more conservative than the previous generation, adds a new trim level and – at least on paper – follows Hyundai’s push to make its vehicles seem more premium. In order to make a decision about whether or not that’s actually true, I’ll be working with Road Test Editor Mike Schlee to benchmark it against the Honda Accord. Tweet at me with questions if you’ve got them.”

15FordTransit 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: Craig Cole, Associate Editor “My life is about to a lot more practical because this week I’m evaluating the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon. Call me eccentric but I’m super excited about testing this utility-focused van, like, more jazzed than when I had the Audi RS 7 a couple weeks back. This reasonably priced vehicle puts function ahead of frivolity and that’s refreshing in a world dominated by superficial style. Hopefully it delivers a satisfactory driving experience, though I’m not expecting too much from this high-riding hauler.”

2015-volkswagen-eos 2014 Volkswagen Eos: Stephen Elmer, News Editor – ​​”A bit of an oddity in the marketplace, the Volkswagen Eos doesn’t have any true competitors. With its hardtop convertible roof and sport dynamics, many say that it outclasses larger, more expensive convertibles. But Volkswagen is discontinuing the Eos this year due to slow sales. So does this car deserve to be euthanized? I’ll take a drive and find out.”

2012-Fiat-500C-646x499-1 2015 Fiat 500c: Sami Haj-Assaad, Features Editor – “It’s the middle of summer, so of course I’m looking forward to the fun and bubbly Fiat 500c. The cinquecento is not only one of the best looking city cars on the market, but has the chance to be one of the better driving cars in its class too. Check my tweets to see what I think of the little Italian car and be sure to send me a tweet of your own to learn more about this car.”