Go Behind the Scenes at the Under $30K Performance Car Shootout

Go Behind the Scenes at the Under $30K Performance Car Shootout

Often times, those not in the business of creating and polishing videos and editorial don’t realize what an exhaustive process it can be, and it took our full team three long days and countless hours of post production to prepare the Under $30,000 Performance Car shootout


To give you a better look at what it takes, we’ve put together a gallery of photos showcasing some of the sophisticated ( ladders are fancy) technology it took to make this series happen along with some of the ridiculous moments that happen behind the scenes. For good measure, we also threw in some of our favorite shots of the cars.

At any one time there were five different cameras rolling to capture the action, even as a thunder storm was rolling in. Our intrepid camera men braved the elements to get the shots, and the slick track made sure that we got tons of good sliding footage.


Each member of the team had his duties. Editor-in-Chief Colum Wood kept the troops in line and directed the action, while Managing Editor Luke Vandezande penned the scripts. Dave Pratte not only laid down all of our hot laps, he also filled in one half of our presentation duo, completed by Mike Schlee. Craig Cole brought us our Focus ST from Detroit, as one wasn’t available locally, and drove countless boring fuel economy loops to see just how miserly these fun cars could be.

What’s that? You haven’t seen our epic eight car shootout yet? What kind of a rock do you live under? Make sure to go checkout all of the amazing photography and camera work by our video production team consisting of Adam Wood and Chris Blanchette. When needed, our truck guy Stephen Elmer steps behind the camera as well, and he was there to make sure that all of the Go Pros were rolling and providing a third angle while the cars were turning laps.

Check out all the photos below, but be warned: there are a LOT of selfies.

By the way, the winner was the Subonda MX-5 ST NISMO-S……….. You didn’t really think we’d give it away, did you! Honestly, all of these cars are great and proved to be a ton of fun, but there has to be just one winner. Hit the links below to see the results, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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