Bugatti Debuts Clothing Line That’s as Excessive as its Cars

As if the Bugatti Veyron Legends Edition models weren’t excessive enough, the French automaker has unveiled a fashion line to go along with them.

Dubbed the Legends Capsule Collection, the tailored clothing line is inspired by each Legends Edition Veyron and is created from high-class materials that are exclusive as the cars themselves. We’re talking a range of buffalo, deer, calf and cordovan leather along with precious metals in what Bugatti is calling “a harmonious union of technology and sophisticated luxury.” Each vehicle has a corresponding male and female outfit featuring patterns and colors that reflect the special model.

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For example, the Jean-Pierre Wimille Legend gets bi-color buffalo hide jackets that have been tie-dyed with a “heritage treatment.” The t-shirt designs are even more over the top with the female’s version inlaid with Swarovski crystals. Other models such as the Jean Bugatti Legend gets an Atlantic Type 75 silhouette printed onto the t-shirt while the women’s version gets extravagant silk kimono sleeves. If that isn’t enough, the Rembrandt Bugatti Legend jackets have a carbon-fiber style silk lining. If you’re really a distinguished individual, Bugatti even has a straw hat for various outfits as well as belt buckles featuring the brand’s EB logo.

“Authentic and with attention to detail, this Bugatti Legends capsule collection is one of the first tailor-made lifestyle projects the brand has dedicated to its customers,” said Bugatti brand manager Massimiliano Ferrari.

GALLERY: Bugatti Legends Fashion Line


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