E85 Now Available In Vancouver

E85 fuel has finally reached western Canada.

Arcade Station, located at 4370 Marine Drive in West Vancouver, British Columbia, offers Regular and Diesel fuel in addition to E85, which is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent petroleum fuel. Western Canada’s only gas station selling E85 Ethanol fuel, on its opening in Vancouver.

“Canadian consumers need and deserve more choices at the fuel pump,” said the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA)President W. Scott Thurlow. “There is no cheaper and cleaner source of octane than ethanol. High ethanol blends of gasoline, like E85, deliver the increased level of octane required to drive the smaller, high-performance engines consumers want while reducing harmful tailpipe emissions from our air.”

The CRFA explained ethanol is proven to reduce harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) by up to 62 percent compared to fossil fuels and makes meaningful reductions to tailpipe emissions, smog-forming particulates, and carbon monoxide. Ethanol also has a blending octane rating of 113, making higher-level ethanol blends ideal for fueling high performance vehicles and helping automakers comply with federal CAFE regulations, which will require much stricter fuel economy and emissions requirements beginning in 2017.

“Vancouver is home to a large and proud group of car enthusiasts who have, or are interested in, converting their vehicles to FlexFuel for the performance and environmental benefits,” said Amir Nazary, vice president of engineering for Arcade Station. “Until now, owners with FlexFuel modified vehicles drove to Marysville, north of Seattle, Washington, to purchase E85, so the level of enthusiasm for Arcade Station and our E85 is tremendous.”

According to the CFRA, fuelling infrastructure turnover requires significant time to build out properly, which brings the association to recommend that governments encourage existing pump turnover and new market entrants by providing tax incentives – through either a direct tax credit or capital cost allowance depreciation – to those individuals who want to offer consumers these alternative fuels.

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