Insurance Companies Developing Apps to Track Drivers

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly tech savvy about monitoring their customers.

Progressive and Allstate are turning to smartphone apps to monitor how well their customers are driving, a natural progression from OBD-II connected devices like Progressive’s Snapshot. The Snapshot device currently is installed in your dashboard, monitoring a 30-day driving period. Based on the drivers’ mileage and hard stops, customers could be eligible for discounts.

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Now that smartphones are so popular, Progressive and Allstate are both looking to towards apps that would make it easier to monitor their drivers without having to install such a device. Currently, Allstate has launched Drivewise, an app that monitors and gives feedback on driving behavior and is testing it in Montana, Nebraska and New Hampshire. Progressive on the other hand, is running a contest for developers to come up with a clever app but has also been speaking with multiple automakers about installing software that can track and make judgements on driving.