New Lexus RC F Ad Tests Your Patience in a Fun Way

New Lexus RC F Ad Tests Your Patience in a Fun Way

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If you have a habit of skipping adds on YouTube, Lexus is out to teach you a lesson.

In an innovative commercial created for the all-new RC F and the Japanese automaker’s Golden Opportunity Sales Event, the company plays on our habit of wanting to skip ads as soon as we get the opportunity to do so. So if you subconsciously gravitate towards that YouTube Skip Ad video, you’ll be in for a treat (literally) in the new Lexus RC F commercial.

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For those that are patient and like to follow directions, Lexus will also give you a treat of a different kind, along with showing you what you missed out on if you had chosen to skip the ad. One thing’s for sure, that Lexus RC F in Solar Flare finish is simply stunning.



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